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How does Salvaschiena RUBY work when we are seated in the car and in the office?

Load difference through the use of Salvaschiena RUBY

The NIOSH (National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health) method and the RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) method indicate the data of overloading on the lumbo-sacral part that we have pointed out as more than 180 Kg in the posture when seated on a office chair and more than 150 Kg in the posture on the car seat.

This significant overload of Kilograms and forces occurs because when we seat down our pelvis tends to go from a position of anteversion (physiological) to a position of retroversion (non-functional) and so lumbo-sacral part behaves as a disadvantageous lever accumulating weights, tensions and biomechanics forces in the vertebrae and in the intervertebral discs. Using salvaschiena Ruby with the combined action of the horizontal section with the vertical one and vice versa, enables: The restoration of the anteversion (physiological) of the pelvis, The restoration of the dorsal hyper kyphosis, The retroversion of shoulders and shoulder blades

These three macro-corrections bring the spine in a posture very close to the one when we are standing (orthostatic) in which the load values on the lumbo-sacral part ( reported by the method NIOSH and RULA ) is of 100 kg, that is why Salvaschiena RUBY brings relief both when we seat on an office chair and on a car seat.